Current Team Members


Nicole Stadnick

Lab Director

Dr. Nicole Stadnick, PhD., MPH., is the Lab Director. She is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at UC San Diego, Director of Dissemination and Evaluation of the UC San Diego Dissemination and Implementation Science Center, researcher at the Child and Adolescent Services Research Center and a licensed psychologist. Her program of federally, state and privately funded research focuses on evaluating the effectiveness and implementation of evidence-based practices intended for individuals seeking community-based health or mental health services. She has received NIH-funded fellowships from the Child, Intervention, Prevention, and Services Research Mentoring Network (2015-2016, the Implementation Research Institute (2017-2018) and the Mixed Methods Training Program for the Health Sciences (2019-2020). She currently leads several implementation projects focused on community-engaged, cross-system health services and implementation research for individuals, with complex health clinical presentations served in a variety of community settings including federally qualified health centers, low-and-middle income countries, publicly-funded mental health services and HIV/AIDS care programs. Her implementation science work is supported by NIMH, NIEHS, NIMHD, NHLBI and NIAID.

Twitter: NicoleStadnick

Elizabeth Lane

Project Coordinator

Elizabeth Lane is the Project Coordinator of the Stadnick Lab. She has a B.A. in Psychology and Spanish from Grinnell College. Her research interest is trauma in underserved and marginalized populations, particularly those facing additional language barriers. In Elizabeth’s free time you can find her somewhere outside whether that be on a hike, in the ocean, or playing a sport with friends.

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Jamielee G. Pilapil

Implementation Science Research Coordinator

Jamielee G. Pilapil received her Bachelor’s of Health Science in Public Health from San Diego State University and a Master’s in Public Health in Health Promotion and Education from California State University San Marcos. In the line of D&I research, one of Jamielee’s goals is to understand community needs in order to provide culturally tailored resources. She has worked with various communities such as Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders, cancer survivors, college students’ reproductive and nutritional health, and San Diego’s COVID-19 population. In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her family and friends, go on walks with her dog, learn new recipes, and explore nature.

Kassandra Martinez

Graduate Research Assistant

Kassandra (Kassy) Martinez is the graduate research assistant of the Stadnick Lab. She completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology at The University of Texas at Austin and recently obtained her M.S. in Clinical Psychology from San Diego State University. She is in her third year in the San Diego State University/University of California, San Diego Joint Doctorate Program in Clinical Psychology. Broadly, her research interests lie in children’s community mental health services and integrated health care. She is particularly interested in improving mental health services for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder. In Kassy’s free time, she likes to go on hikes with her fiancée and three dogs.

Twitter: kassmartinezJDP

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Nicholas Lee

Graduate Research Intern

Nicholas Lee is the Graduate Research Intern of the Stadnick Lab. He has a B.S. in Human Biology with a Psychology minor from UC San Diego. His goal is to be a developmental pediatrician, as he is passionate about advocating for improved healthcare in disabled, underserved communities with an emphasis on pediatrics. In his free time, Nicholas enjoys listening to music, going on long car rides, and spontaneous adventures with friends and family.

Melanie Aguilar

Undergraduate Research Intern

Melanie Aguilar is an Undergraduate Research Intern in the Stadnick Lab. She attends UC San Diego and is majoring in Psychology and Global Health. Her research interests include autism spectrum disorder, mood disorders, improving access to health services in underserved populations, and mental health among persons with chronic illness. In her free time, Melanie enjoys reading or spending time at the beach with friends.



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Martina Penalosa

Martina Penalosa served as an ATTAIN project student researcher for the Stadnick Lab in the summer of 2020. She has a degree in Psychobiology, B.S. from the University of California, Los Angeles. Her research interests include pediatric psychiatry, health disparities, and implementation science. She is currently a second year medical student at UCSD.


David Lee

David Lee served as the Lab Assistant of the Stadnick Lab from 2018-2020. He has a Bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). He is interested in researching the physiological markers of anxiety and the interactive role personality and specific interpersonal correlates play in influencing anxiety. Currently, he is pursuing his psychology doctorate (Psy.D.) in clinical psychology at Indiana State University in hopes of becoming a licensed psychologist.


Wei Chua

Wei Chua served as the research intern of the Stadnick Lab from September 2018 to March 2019. She has a degree in Psychology specializing in Cognitive Psychology from the University of California, San Diego. Her research interests are course, causes, and treatment of autism spectrum disorder, mood disorders, and substance use disorder. Currently, she is working as a due diligence researcher while applying for master's programs to pursue her career as a clinical therapist.

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Joanna Sariñana

Joanna worked for over 6 years at CASRC. She currently accepted a position as a Labor Union Organizer Representative.